Brendan O’Connor

Brendan O'Connor

All the smart, ballsy guys are buying up property right now!

Take a bow, Brendan O’Connor, you clueless, opinionated cunt, Irish Independent hack, shill for the establishment and all round arse-licking, toadying cunt. Most reknowned for an infamous article in Ireland’s official publication for cunts, written in November 2007, extolling property investment after the World’s biggest ever property bubble had just burst, an economic prediction up there with Irving Fisher’s 1929 declaration that ‘share prices have reached a permanently high plateau’. Known affectionately as Ballsy McCanny after the article’s opening line  and the ensuing unintentional hilarity caused by such a spectacular failure; the irony is that Ballsy was once a working comedian but never managed to produce anything as funny. Proof that cretins should not be allowed anywhere near pencils.

Ballsy McSavvy is December’s Cunt of the Month on Irish Cunts because he just went and made a cunt of himself again in print. Ok, fair enough, he does this on a weekly basis but he’s started banging on again about property been a good bet. Brendan, you are the cunt that just keeps on giving, and for that we salute you.



  1. Tuffy

    Proper cunt alright

  2. Woofy

    How come your IP address is outta San Antonio, Texas… Arent you supposed to be in Ireland?

  3. @Woofy – I ain’t in Texas! I’m In Germany at the moment,

  4. Culty

    `Loving this site keep it going you good thing, Bredan is one hell of a cunt alright and with a face like that he’dnever be let near one without selling out to the oligarch and being invited to finger their mothers, another dirty job noone else wanted but this cunt relished!

  5. There’s Just an endless amount of cunts, thank fuck, I won’t be bored for yonks.

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