Brian McFadden

Brian McTwatten

Look, I'm an Irishman. I drink a lot of drink all the time for a long time. I'm such a legend I can't get drunk. I'm wild is what I am.

Well done Brian, as if the Irish in Australia did not have a bad enough rep already for acting like immature spazzers who think being drunk makes them ‘great craic’, you have managed to raise our cunt profile to new heights. Hopefully, one day, thanks to your efforts and those of many of your compatriots we will become reknowned worldwide as the biggest cunts on the planet.


One comment

  1. Mark

    Who does this cunt think he is? He come here, sticks his little dick into Delta and drops her like a sack of shit and gets more tv deals! Step up you lame, pathetic excuse for a man who runs from his responsibilities:

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