Denis O’Brien

Dinny O

A beaming Denis receives his honorary doctorate in Cuntology from

Dinny has an interest, or outright ownership, of much of Irish media, including Newstalk, Today FM and 40% of the Irish Independent. He would love to control what you know and what you think. He definitely doesn’t want you knowing all about his shady background.  Dinny is regarded as an entreprenuer for bribing Michael Lowry a million quid to secure Ireland’s second mobile phone licence. Securing such a lucrative business for such a paltry sum is indeed very entrepeneurial, and also ensured the Irish exchequer was deprived of a massive amount of spondoolicks. (For the hard of thinking amongst you who think Dinny is a sound cunt, this means he effectively put his hand in your pocket. No wonder the cunt is laughing.) As an aside, PR cunt Sarah Carey  acted as the  baglady between O’Brien and Fine Gael. A great article about O’Brien can be found on Village magazine’s site. Fair play lads, ye recognise a proper cunt when ye see wan!



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  2. dangerous

    I was waiting to see this cunt….

  3. Cunegan O Shananagain

    Long slow death here.

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