Irish Sunday Independent


With apologies to the couple of decent journalists there, the Sunday Independent is stuffed full of ignorant, illiterate, obsequisous, unctious, opinionated cunts. Little more than a tabloid masquerading as a broadsheet, it was the voice of the Celtic Tiger. Hopefully it will die as well.

An unmerciful cheerleader for the property boom, it fawned over the cunts who would go on to wreck the country. Tried to build up the idea that there was some kind of ‘scene’ inIreland, just vomit inducing, egregious shite… to be cont.



  1. paul

    offensive word,grow up and try another then you might be taken seriously.

    • cunegan o shananagain

      i think Paul should be nominated as top cunt for 2013. He is no doubt paid by the national union of cunts.

  2. Southern softie

    Fuck off Paul, you cunt

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