Sarah Carey

Scarey Carey

Ha, shur what's wrong with tellin' a few fibs under oath to an official tribunal! It's only a bit of perjury and it's not like journalists need to have integrity or honesty, ye silly billys!

Fired from the Irish Times for being a lying cunt, she started her career as a PR bunny for Fine Gael and later Denis O’Brien‘s Esat Digifone. Went on to blog about her inane existence for six years until some stupid cunt gave her a gig at the Irish Times, Ireland’s self-styled paper of record. Journalistic standards there have, unfortunately, been on a steady downward trajectory for sometime. If it continues they will have to join the Irish Cunts’ hall of infamy.


One comment

  1. noel fanning

    Cheeky fuckin cunt

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