Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O'Connor

Mental? Who, me!? Ye're all fuckin' mental and I'll rip yer fuckin' heads off and shit down yer fuckin' throats if yiz don't fuck right off, yiz cunts!

Just what the fuck? Please stop Sinead, just please, please stop. Annoying mental cunt who will do anything for attention. Anything.

Due to your ceaseless cries for attention lately Sinead, you are a very deserving recipient of January’s Cunt of the Month on Irish Cunts. Now please shut the fuck up or just fucking kill yourself already.



  1. irishcunt

    Looks like Sinead read Irish Cunts and took our plea to stop quite seriously. The mad cunt is now threatening to kill herself on twitter. Stop teasing us, you cunt, and get on with it! Doing yourself in is the ultimate act of cuntery and will definitely win you ‘Cunt of the Month’ for February.

  2. And we don’t want that. Or do we?

  3. irishcunt

    Nah, she’s too much craic! (In the can’t take your eyes off of the slow motion trainwreck kind of craic)


    Why does she try to make interviewers feel that they arent worthy of her presence, but is happy to subject our ears to her droney diddly fucking dee shitty Irish dittys
    FUCK OFF Sinead it’s no wonder u are labelled a cunt you self righteous titrash

  5. irishcunt

    Update: Shitnead has turned the cuntish attention-seeking behaviour dial up to 9. It’s doing her head in that young Smiley Virus is getting so much attention.

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