Georgia Salpa

Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth as fast as your cock...

Better known as Georgia Slapper, this dirty little cunt would do anything to raise her profile, going to the extreme of fucking well known dirtbag, and all round cunt, Calum Best. Calum is a cunt in his own right but is not Irish enough to be awarded the title of Cunt from Irish Cunts. The Order of the Cunt has a very exclusive membership and only la chatte de la chatte make the cut. To generate publicity for her Big Brother appearance the lame cunts behind it have contrived some sex attacker fear nonsense, (some bloke leaving a phone message, like whatever) as if Georgia does not love all the attention. Jesus Christ, the guy would just have to put on a suit and tell her he’s a TV exec and she’d be gobbling the cock off him toute de suite. As you may have guessed from my verbosity and copious usage de la langue francaise, Je suis aussi un con.


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