Michael O’Leary

This is what I think about you cunts!

See that? That means 'yiz can go fuck yirselves, yiz cunts.'

When God conceived of the perfect cunt Michael O’Leary was wrought. He has raised the profile of Irish cuntery far beyond our national boundaries. Mick is such a cunt that he not only actually enjoys making a complete cunt of himself every time he opens his shitehole but he actively seeks out every opportunity to do so. I dub thee Cunt Michael of Leary, distinguished Member of the Grand Order of Irish Cunts.



  1. DubPistol

    I remember when Michael and his mate Flash Conrad (horse racing cunt) cunted me off by hurling bar furniture at me and my colleague on our night shift in his Cuntles Hotel just behind Trinity, because we wouldn’t serve them any more drink. Drunk cunts.

  2. Two massive cunts in the one room. Holy cunting God, the cuntness most have been overwhelming.

  3. Next thing he’ll be selling us the lube

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