Chris De Burgh

Cunt De Burgh

I am going to sue the fuck out of you miserable, unfulfilled, bitter cunts.

Chris is a deserving recepient of this award for the terror he has inflicted on music lovers worldwide. He is quite a cunt too for banging the kids’ teenage nanny while his wife was in hospital with a broken neck. Chris denies throwing her down the stairs. (Whatever Cris.) In a magazine article his daughter, Rosanna, said she would be up for group sex with random punters and her dad. (That is my interpretation of what she said, anyway.) Creepily, Rosanna did a soft porn shoot with a Lady in Red theme. Ros has obviously inherited her dad’s cunt gene! Possibly the most cuntish thing Chris has done was being reported as having died on the news and then dissapointing cunts everywhere by surviving. Finally, Chris is a cunt because he looks like one. He just seems to be the kind of guy who would be fairly relaxed walking around the house naked at breakfast time in front of the family, casually stroking his semi-erect penis. Pure conjecture, but he has never denied it as far as I know.


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