Declan Ganley

Herr Ganley

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer

Undoubtedly one of the slyest cunts in Ireland, Deccie is a CIA running dog recruited after the collapse of the Soviet empire. Decco went straight from being a barman and tea-boy in London to pulling off multi-million dollar aluminum trading deals in Latvia at the tender age of 24 despite having no knowledge of Russian, Latvian or commodities trading, nor any business contacts there, never mind any way to finance it. It is a virtual impossibility that any of these deals were undertaken without cooperation of the Russian/Latvian mafia at this time according to a RTE Primetime  investigation. It is possible Declan may have been recruited initially by British Intelligence to spy on the Irish community in London. Either way Declan was taken under the wings of an influential patron and groomed for a life of deceit. Strangely enough the bould Deccie went on to win very lucrative telecoms contracts from the US military. Deccie’s snakery extented into contesting European elections and running on an anti-EU platform under the CIA front Libertas which spent almost 2 million euros on its campaign.



  1. conorourke

    Right crafty cunt, crooked as a camel’s back.

  2. Hard Times

    Rumour is Dekkie was an MI5 asset. He’s a dead man walking in many places. Toe rag.

  3. This is incredibly inaccurate and horribly unfunny

  4. Firebrand

    I dont believe a word of this. i believe Declan Ganley was all too knowing of the real plan behing the EU. What evidence do you have that Declan Ganley is CIA ? I know Declan Ganley was right about the EU because I have over 4 years reseach done into this. You’re are doing this man a great disservice.

  5. BeezerJoy

    I think all politicians, councillors and all govt officials should be awarded a Greatest Cunt Medal ( made of shit of course).

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