Peaches Geldof: Poll

Attention-seeking Cunt

Why are you ignoring me?Don't you cunts know that I'm so amazing that I can do anything?

Peaches (Jesus, what cunt thought up that name) might just qualify as an Irish cunt thanks to Bob. She definitely qualifies as a cunt, propably inherited from her mother who was a notoriously dirty cunt. Peaches ‘I’m a DJ, no wait a model, I mean a TV presenter, oh actually I’m a journalist, oh shit I’m just crap at everything so I’ll be a mum, everyone loves mums, that’ll get me some attention for a while’ Geldof truly is a cunt in her own right but does she qualify to join the exalted Grand Order of the Irish Cunt?





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  2. BeezerJoy

    Any thoughts on snargenator from Oranmore for top cunt

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