Leo Varadkar

Hi dee hi, campers! I will fucking bum you!

I know Fine Gael have already been collectively admitted to the Grand Order of the Irish Cunt but Leo deserves special mention. Now, I don’t give a flying fuck about one’s sexual orientation but the fact that Leo has found himself a ‘special assistant’ that needs to be paid €135,000 per year. Well. Stop the lights, he speaks funny and all that and he’s into the whole fascist vibe, but what the fuck? What about all that shite you cunts were scuttering on about before the election? You know what, just fuck it. I’m not normally violent but I’ll make it my business to fire an ould (metaphorically speaking) headbutt onto Leo’s nose the next time I’m passing by “Out on the Inn” or whatever the fuck it’s called. This is just pulling the piss beyond the beyonds. An assistant that costs €135,000 better be a cardiac surgeon or else get the fuck out of it. What a fucking greasy cunt.

Edit: not sure what the point is I was trying to make, I was fairly shit-hammered when I wrote it. At a guess I’d say I was implying that his assistant would be providing sexual services. And that we’re all getting rode by Leo and the Wrecking Crew.



  1. jiminy cricket

    Either way, he’s a bent cunt.

  2. Moses

    foreign? cunt

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