Terry Prone

A cold, psychotic bitch with grand delusions of power whose firm has mentally tortured, bullied and humiliated their employees on a consistent basis. Prone threatened to sue a newspaper for publishing details of  her employee’s suicide. Well fuck you Terry Crone, your firm’s work practices and attitude helped push that poor young woman over the edge. Now spin that one away, you horrible malignant cunt.

If you want to be completely depressed and sickened even more you can read about the cunt’s callous attitude to cancer patients. I just don’t have the heart to go into it here.

Terry Cunt also thinks we should all just shut the fuck up about the recession and abandon reading blogs and other media (She suggests we better ourselves by listening to Harvard lectures on our iPhones – WTF?). She is such a cunt she actually manages to get in a plug for Tesco online shopping and a dig at Lidl. Fuck me, what a shameless, vomit-inducing, suppurating cunt.

Prone is also the 2011 winner of the very prestigious TFK Cunt of the Year Award (G. Ryan Memorial Trophy). Congratulations Terry, I’m sure it will look great in the office alongside your Irish Cunts award.



  1. The Greatest Cunt of All
    Public relations consultant Terry Prone wrote in her Irish Examiner column this week that she received €3,000 in one year and €2,000 in another. She said processing Mr Ó Cuív’s freedom of information request would cost RTÉ “enormous amounts of human hours and misery” at a time when the station was broke.

  2. You don’t mince your words, my friend. But if this is true about Ms Prone, it truly is shocking beyond all civilised standards.

    And if it is true, you are doing us all a great service with your no-nonsense blog.

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