Ruairí Quinn

Ming the Merciless

These Irish Cunts... they must die: Slowly and painfully; Mwhahahaha...

Ruairí Quinn calls the internet a “threat to the media”

Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn yesterday told a group of journalism students in Limerick that the internet was a “threat” to the media, saying online media and online commenters should be regulated.

Quinn in a robust defensive of newspapers, and indeed an attack on online media said that newspapers could be depended on for “reliability, accuracy, authority and a willingness to accommodate different points of view”.

Quinn, who’s comments are covered in this morning’s Irish Times, referred to online commenters as “unaccountable …anonymous backstabbers”.*

Fuck you, you cunt, I couldn’t even have the weekend off from cuntishness and you came out with this gem.




  1. BeezerJoy

    Of course The Bould Ruairi Quinn would see the internet as a threat to the media. The cunts have the newspapers and the TV news in their pockets so they fear the Internet. The main thing the present gov fear is that the ordinary people might find out that they are shaping Communism very nicely at the moment-they own the banks,Civil service, nama, trying to take over the schools and last but not least closing down all the business. To be fair though Capitalism did not work-maybe they need Communism to whip
    the masses in shape.
    During the last war Hitler said that he would use Ireland as a hunting/fishing
    grounds for their top men. This will happen soon.

  2. Moses

    What an absolute Cunt

  3. cunegan o shananagain

    yes the bould Ruri, and all the rest of the cunts in politics including county councillors who are despised by the ordinary people will get their comeuppance sooner or later-fuck them all.

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