Brian & Mary Pat O’Donnell



A solicitor and a doctor. These two fucks were already set up for life but that was not enough. The two greedy, disgusting cunts just had to have more. And more. And more. And… well, you get the picture. Now declared bankrupt in the UK (that’s handy), the pair of cuntfaces have salted away the GDP of a small country into ‘trusts’ for their cuntlets – Blake, Bruce, Blaise and Alexandra. What aptly cuntish names. That means you got fucked, by the way.



  1. Bad Blake

    Their fucking throats should be slit, the cunts.

  2. dangerous

    Fantastic blog, all I see are all the cunts I despise. Keep this up please

  3. walter coady

    were they from bellmullet by any chance?

  4. Night of the Irish long knives

    Surprise, surprise! A solicitor & a doctor. Yes, greedy cunts par for the course. But, you really don’t need to know anything about them to know they’re cunts as the little cunts first names tells you all!

  5. ghostofannemccarthy

    Jesus,is that his wife or his granny?have to admit I feel a tiny bit of sympathy for the fella if hes expected to lob it up that dried up old crones crack,must be like fuckin a zombie!

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