Derek Quinlan

Ha ha, yiz dopey cunts! Thanks for the grand yacht and mansion and chopper and flash motors, now go fuck yirselves cos I'm off to da Coat Dazoor in France, yiz cunts.

This toady, slimey, baldy, slithery, fat cunt continues to live the high-life after leaving the Irish taxpayer to pick up the tab for hundreds of millions of euros of debt he racked up from his exploits. Please die now, cunt.



  1. BeezerJoy

    One in the head.

  2. doogle

    Tell u what, we need to send out a hit-squad like those Israeli fuckers did after the Munich massacre! We could kit out our boys with Tennis duds and Israeli passports. Reckon those fuckers owe us one after they took out that Palestinian lad in the hotel a coupla years back. Where are all the mad patriotic cunts with guns gone now that we really do need them?

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