Bob Geldof

Dead kids? Cool, that'll help my career.

Dead kids? Cool, that’ll help my career.

Nominated and introduced by our esteemed guest, Paidrag Pierced:

It’s way past time for Bob Geldof to join your glorious Pantheon of unpardonable Cunts. An unctuous, grasping, narcissistic sociopath; a shallow, ruthless, venal, merciless hypocrite. Playing on public credulity and dependent on a mercenary corporate media. A friend and fellow traveler to Bush and Blair. A supporter of the corporate plunder of Africa. A convener of that carnival of cunts known as Live Aid. A greasy, desperate, loud mouthed, gombeen shyster. C’mon, get him uploaded into ya flaming firmament of fatuous fuckers.


One comment

  1. irishcunt

    Duly done sir. (give or take three months)

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