If you came here looking for ginger minge (unless it’s Barry Egan), I’m sorry to dissapoint you; instead, this site is dedicated to those stalwarths of Irish society that have proven themselves to be worthy members of the cuntocracy, those whose shining star shall never dim, but remain fixed forever more in the glorious firmament of cyberspace, so that their remarkable achievements shall be a source of wonder, delight and inspiration for present and future generations of cunts.



  1. Cunegan O Shananagain

    Unhappy weekend all you cunts-and die of something horrible if possible,you won’t be missed.

  2. Baggy Dapper O Cuntifuck

    Baggy Dapper O Cuntifuck here. This cuntry is full of CLASS A Cunts. Glad you built this site to report on the rampant wild cunts raping this mickey mouse cuntry.

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