Grand Order of the Irish Cunt

Cunnus Hibernicis Ordine Magnum

Grand Order of the Irish Cunt

All those who are honoured by Irish Cunts are entitled to wear the medal of the Grand Order of the Irish Cunt and to use the title Cunt before their name, e.g. Cunt Michael O’Leary



  1. Beezer

    Please send me a medal of the Grand Order of the Irish Cunt. I want to wear it to remind me always of those f—–n cunts that finally destroyed our lovely land. This is the second time in 100 years- first the civil war and now by economic treason. String them all up.

  2. Beezer

    Where’s me medal for The Grand Order of The Irish Cunt. I’m waiting since March and man I’m getting pissed off waiting. Don’t have me come up there or I will definitely f…k you and will produce an abomination. The cunts are still here-what’s wrong with the fighting Irish-they have totally lost their balls-soon they will want to force us to actually go back to Church- and pay 10% (a tithe) of whatever is left of your hard earned cash.
    Cuntegan o Seananagain

    • Cunegan O Shananagain

      I wonder would anyone out there be interested in my new political party-The NON Workers Party. You would never have to work again and would get everything for nothing from the members of The Grand Order of the Irish Cunts. Sweet

  3. Cuntegan O Shananagain

    Good news on the jobs front:
    New scheme: digging holes and filling them in again-
    they got this idea from the Brits.
    Great news that we are exiting the bailout
    We only owe 300 billion now and still rising.
    Quote Noonan”Who gives a fuck, we will be
    long gone when this has to be paid”
    And all our own people will be in Australia
    and the East Europeans will have to pay,
    they won’t protest.

  4. Cuntegan O Shananagain

    I am setting up a new charity, Cuntegan O Shananagain Limited
    Don’t send anything yet because I haven’t decided how much
    my salary will be including topups or how much TV advertising I will need to do at peak times to tug at your heartstrings, at tens of thousands of
    euro per campaign, or what is the newest petrol guzzling car I would need.
    The cunt list is growing by the day and I want some of the action.

    • Cuntegan o shananagain

      Yes the list is growing-nuns throwing babies into septic tanks (just wonder now if they were all dead), the police saying “nothing to see here”, (to much bother) ,government saying they will thoroughly investigate -will this be the same as the cover up of all the dead children in Letterfrack- and finally ourselves who allowed this to happen.

      • Cuntegan O Sheananagain

        What the fuck -paying for wather-no fucking way Hose.
        Why dont they just castrate all the men-then we wont have any kids-no nappies,no child minding, no school books,no free under 6 healtcare,no free education,no Junior or Leaving Cert. no emigration to Australia and Canada. Dont worry about the workforce-plenty of East Europeans and Africans. They will come here with enough education to do the few jobs and then die and more will come. Simples you cunnys.

  5. Cuntegan O Sheananagain

    The EU will give the Greeks any amount of dosh now to pretend that there is no crisis. (Kicking the can down the road its called.) But there is , and when England pulls out after the referendum ( the EU ministers actually might bribe the Brits this time to stay in) then Spain and Portugal what will the cuntocracy do here. Either way in the next 10 years we will be forced to go in with the Brits-32 Counties will be part of the deal. Then the British army will have to come over again to put manners on the Orange lads.

    • Beezer

      Where did that blittheren cunny O Donohoe come from-hes always on the news rantin about something else that the insufferable pompous git Gay “i have an add on tv about looking out for motorcycles because i ride a motorcycle” Byrne told him to say about cars going too fast and we need to put the car speed limit down to 2 miles per hour-who the fuck is paying for the roads with allsorts of taxes anyway-not the cyclists who illegally cycle the wrong way down or up one way streets-weave in a out of car traffic hoping to get smashed up so they can sponge a few thousand off the motorists insurance-and they dont pay a penny-always creeping out of sideroads -always driving on roads that are too narrow for both car and cycles-cycling on footpaths-new laws out but cyclists and pedestrians dont need to obey the law anyway. A lot of politicians cycle to work-they leave the (most expensive) petrol guzzling car to the wife to tear around all day shopping.

      • Cuntegan O Shananagain

        What the fuck is this new bollocks of doing everything the last minute. “Oh we will have to work right through the night, or maybe even tomorrow or because we have so much of the banking inquiry stuff to go through”Why didnt they do the work earlier they had six months- Pure scam to pretend it is worth five million. Its actually worth fuck all as no-one can be done for it. Then the cunnys meeting overnight about flooding. Then today Kenny with his sore throat-why didnt he stay in bed-no he has to act the hero and come out croaking and squaking. Why dont these guys stop this childish carry on and get something bad and die.
        This year was the worst yet for this shitting and shiteing. For fuck sake please go away and dont come back.

      • Cuntegan O Shananagain

        What about the fughing brass neck of those cunnys charging huge road tax and expect us to ride on shite roads. Not alone that but the cunny councils have speed bumps everywhere now smashing suspensions. The ignorant cunts in the council want us to walk to work-fuck them.

  6. Cuntegan O Shananagain

    Why did those cunnys in the Dail and Seanad bother cumming back after their nine months shitting and shiteing while forming the weakest excuse for a government ever. They are never in the dail anyway except budget day when Noonan was “shaking his head” whilst reading the “giveaways”-a real load of crap-fuck all for you and me and now a big increase for themselves. I think he should fuck off now before someone lobs a handful of cowshite on his scabby head.
    Kenny now says he will go again for Taoiseach-but as I said before it will not matter because I predict unprecedented turmoil ahead and when that happens he will run for the hills of Kerry anyway-making another burden on the state-another cunny with three or four pensions-god help us all. Fianna Fail are saddled now by Fine Gael forever-after nearly 100 years of civil war politics they will make at least two or three more governments happen before Sinn Fein takes over. In the meantime the poor will get poorer and the rich richer. It looks already like most Independents are crawthumping to the failed system too. There are a few holding out and saying it like it is though. In any case keep bumbling on ye cunnys. Big changes are a cummin. Yee-Haw

  7. Cuntegan O Shananagain

    I was watching telly last night and saw John Brutal pathetically trying to argue against everyone else on the show. I think it’s time that cunny was sent to Jurassic Park along with Noonan before they crumble into ashes. What can they offer to a modern society seeing as they survived for the last hundred years fighting a civil war, (and nearly started another one in the 70s) with Fianna Fáil. They know of no other way. It’s time all that was changed and we stop living in that awful past of religious abusers and political hatred. All values we were taught was a load of cobblers. The only ones hanging on to to that shite today are those on big money and perks-and they want more.

    • Cuntegan O Shananagain

      The scutther is about to hit the fan -the bitter civil war enemies are now all palsy walsy and running the cuntry into the ground. Better still they are doing fuck all.
      Bus Eireann will go at last into receivership-the government will pay all redundancies with the sell off of the buses and bus and rail properties. No more free travel. At the same time (tandem) the cars will be driven off the road with speeding and parking fines and penalty points. The bicycle will take over until the utter bollocks leaders think “there are less cars around, my god we are losing millions on taxes-fuck”.
      Maybe we will go back to the ass and cart-and the pig in the dining area. it may make the ignorant cunnys that run the show happy at last.

      • Cuntegan O Shananagain

        I wonder did that cunny Noonan see (in Business Barometer) all the business in Receivership,Liquidation,Struck Off and Strike Off Listed in the last weeks. About half the smaller business around in 2008 are now closed and I predict the other half are shaky because the man on the street has fuck all money to spend -what with all the increases in health and car insurances and all sorts of new charges. The taxman under Noonans “expert guidance” has done a fair bit of damage too-unless you are like Apple,Yahoo etc,who combined now pay 40% (which is a fraction of what they owe) of Corporation Tax. In 2008 small business paid 85% of corpo tax -now its 50%. Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are closing the cuntry down-they want to get rid of the small shops-especially Fine Gael-the BIG SHOTS PARTY. They closed it down many times before since the pointless Civil War which I saw recently that Dev said “WAS A MISTAKE”. The only hope now is to vote Sinn Fein and see can they can squeeze more out of the filthy rich 5% who own 95% of the wealth. Bastards
        Yee Haa all ye cunts.

  8. Cuntegan O Shananagain

    Got a few demands from the revenue cunts today. God knows they need every penny they can get because this cuntry is on its last legs-soon everyone will stop paying anything and all will go for insolvency-the hard pressed worker has had it and will not tolerate much more. The cuntry was fucked over the last 100 years by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. Civil war mongers who conned the people between them, and still do it every day. I see Kenny pulled out and then Noonan-it’s a bad omen. I predict,like Kenny, the army surrounding the banks soon-to stop you getting your own money. Noonan wont be “shaking his head”because he won’t have any head. Obviously he knows the writing is on the wall for dear old Ireland. Britain may save us and take us over again. I don’t know why they bother seeing as we try to blow their arses off every chance we get. What a fucking scenario.

  9. cuntegan o shananagain

    I had to laugh when I heard that Kenny appointed a judge just before he handed over to Veradker. He reminded me of a long ago memory of a cunt in school that would hide around the corner until four or five lads pinned me to the ground. The cunt would run over then and grab me by the balls and make me squeal. The other lads then let go and hope that I would kick the shit out of same cunt when I caught him. I knew Kenny would leave a bitter mess-like the 100 years mess of the civil war. Theres no place in Ireland for these guys anymore. I hope he fucks off with Noonan to Europe and join the most hated cunt that ever walked -Blithirin Hogan.
    Yee Haa all ye cunts.

    • Cuntegan o shananagain

      New laws on the way concerning cyclists. Overtaking cars must allow 1.5 metres to cyclists. Im getting a piece of sharp barbed steel and attaching it to my new bike. It will stick out 1.5m-maybe I will put on one each side and also stick one on at the back and front to make sure those roadhog bastards dont infringe on my fuppin space whilst I am cycling. I saw Blitherin Eamonn Ryan on telly last night-an insufferable cunt if there ever was one-he bumbled on about PEOPLE that walk and cycle must be protected as if the car driver was an alien and drove around aiming their cars at pedestrians and cyclists. He must have been knocked down at some stage because of his obvious brain injury. Anyway look out yis cunts- Im a cummin with my new upgraded wheels.
      Yee Haa

      • Cuntegan o shananagain

        Another lying cunt trying to make a name for himself is Richard Brutal-a dinosaur of biblical proportions. He latest is bullying teachers-like the other mofo Quinn. It didnt work for Quinn -he got something bad and had to retire-and I hope Brutal gets something worse thats incurable and suffers a horrible death. He is a stuttering cunt of the highest order and a medal os on its way.
        Yee Haa Brutal-fuck you

  10. cuntegan o shananagain

    Well would’nt you know-the cunnys in government are still on holidays-all over the cuntry with the peasants licking their arses and balls -in smaller town and villages-thats where most of them came from anyway and apparently crave to go back there to show off to their friends who continuously and foolishly put them into power all the time. They cannot help it-they are brainwashed from birth by church and state-and a state that put Irishman against Irishman.
    Their system is and was a totally civil service system and another poorer group on social protection-there’s nothing else and the civil service pays for it all. Why then would same civil service vote for anyone else only these civil war mongers-for all time. No change ever. That is until each individual cops on and look outside of these dinosaurs. Maybe its worth a try-actually its your duty to your children to get rid of a crowd of wankers that despised one another for nearly 100 years-blueshirts and all that-and now are apparently palsy walsy-JUST TO STAY IN POWER. Thats what its all about. What have these cunns done since they were elected-NOTHING.! This shower of lacksters are doing NOTHING-they cannot do anything because they fear another election which would get rid of half of them. My advice to Sinn Fein is to permanently stay in opposition. Leave the Palsy Walsies in power-inevitably they will hang themselves.

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